10-point checklist for choosing the Right PPC Marketing Company

It is very demanding to keep up with ever changing technology for digital advertising, monitoring campaigns daily, dealing with salespeople and staying updated with minute developments in the ever-evolving digital marketing arena. Online space is full of opportunities for a brand to leverage itself via advertising tools that allow you to capture the market with definitive analytics. Pay per click is one of the most promising marketing strategies that has acumen to attract captive audience to your website instantly. You need to outsource or delegate PPC service to a specialist who can manage and optimise PPC campaigns and ensure every penny you spend is fully accounted.

Finding a PPC agency can be daunting especially if you are looking for the quickest and most controllable way to expand your presence. It is extremely difficult to manoeuvre through sales pitches and grow conversant with industry specific lingo and terms. While many agencies are familiar with PPC, how will you identify one that will do an excellent job and deliver you the best return for your advertising spend? By doing a little research before binding to a PPC agency can help to pick a winner. Here are some questions you may ask when vetting PPC agencies so you know exactly what you are paying for.

Is your company certified?

Before investing excessive money into your PPC budget, look out for the companies that are certified through Google AdWords or Bing Ads. This simply indicates that they have been vetted by Google and Bing themselves. They have invested their time and resources in gaining certifications to showcase their understanding of how PPC truly works.
You need to ensure that the shortlisted PPC management agency must showcase their certification on their website. Most importantly, don’t miss to check the links take you to a company profile hosted with Google or Bing. Be aware of the simple static images that are not clickable.

Be aware of the company if they tie you up in a contract

If any PPC agency binds you in a contract, step backward. Never let any company do this to you. It is tried and tested approach that the companies that require contracts or bonds are the ones who are afraid to lose their client since they are not delivering promised or desired outputs.
A PPC agency should allow you to leave at any time and show you the results they are creating by bringing value to the table. Find a PPC agency who are fixated on your monthly budget and goes month to month. This ensure that the company you are dealing with is confident of getting superior results. Good digital agencies believe that if they continue to deliver good results for their customers, the customer has the incentive to stay.

Look if they set your account on autopilot by using software

Software is perfect fit, but not if you are paying an agency to handle your account, only to ensure their letting a dedicated software program do all the work.

You require certain programs like AdWords Editor to make bulk changes, but it is entirely unfair to pay more when you can do it for less on your own.

No to mention that PPC software only performs best with e-commerce.

Every good campaign requires human intervention to manage and perform.

How transparent they are with your accounts?

You will find many PPC agencies out there who will dupe you for work you think is being done. They may pass a five second modification for a full month’s work.

You may not be aware about the fact that there’s an option within Bing Ads and Google AdWords that enable you to look at the changes that have been done in your account. (Called as “Change History”).

Also, you need to confirm that if the chosen agency is willing to remotely share their screen for the sake of transparency. You should look at these on consistent basis to be part of the process and come with your output too. As nobody understands your business better than you.

Don’t forget to consider proof of success.

Internal metrics like click through rates, quality scores, average positions and conversion rates are all great, but are they benefiting you or giving a good return on your investment?

Many people fail to realise business side of things. Is your phone ringing, are people coming, and are you profiting? Make sure to find a PPC agency that should focus on your success, and not just the figures of internal metrics that mean nothing to you.

What is the frequency of their own site testing?

Landing page testing contributes majorly to the success of PPC. You cannot expect from a company that’s not testing the layout of their own website to perform the same for you. If a company has got indolent for their own marketing efforts and unswervingly show the same text, image and rich media ads, then how can you expect them to work for your ROI? So, before finalising any PPC agency make sure to focus on these issues as well.

Is your PPC agency proactive?

Your PPC agency should perform routine check-up for your account. Apart from maintaining account regularly, your chosen PPC agency should find new areas of potential growth. Make sure the PPC agency you hire should perform regular beta tests, update marketing strategies time to time to gain competitive edge in the market.

Portfolio check is a must

Before hiring a PPC agency, checkout their portfolio and look at the quality of their work. Check if they have worked in the same domain as yours. Ask for the results they drove and how are they helping other companies to achieve their business goals. You can also check the credibility of your PPC agency by checking their client retention rate. Look if their clients stick to them and keep them on the account. Client retention itself speaks of their ability to perform and communicate ideas to keep campaigns up and running.

Discuss charges openly

You should be vocal when it comes to fee discussion. Find out if they charge your per ad group, per campaign, and per keyword. Or if they have already fixed a maximum limit up to which they will create for you, and anything beyond the limit, costs extra.

Your PPC agency should know the importance of landing page testing

It is seen that PPC agencies usually focus on campaigns, ad groups, and keywords. But they fail to recognise the significance of the landing page – the point where biggest opportunity in growth resides. It is crucial to optimise landing page for long-term success within paid search marketing. Needless to mention that your PPC agency should offer this service as well to render complete peace of mind.

Closing thoughts

PPC has shown tremendous success rates for many industries across multiple verticals. You should look for the agency that understands your industry, has knowledge and requisite expertise to fulfil your goals. It is crucial to choose the PPC agency that’s just right for you as PPC campaigns differ according to different industries. For this you need to communicate your goals to the chosen agency and work together as a team to achieve them.

PPC campaigns that are aligned with your SEO can take you straight to your audience with relevant, targeted ads. PPC offers the perfect platform to increase leads and ultimately allow you to achieve your business goals. You need to take a closer look at your PPC services by asking these questions before hiring your PPC partner. Tell your PPC agency that you are seeing a good return on investment by relying on their services. If you are looking for turnkey PPC solutions with measurable returns, then you need to hire a PPC management company that is committed to solidify your brand name in the market.

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