10 Reasons you Should Use Google Adwords for Advertising

Are you planning to advertise with Google Adwords?

Not sure how Adwords can prove effective for your business?

Google has made lives of people a lot easier by offering search results to almost any query within fraction of seconds. Everyone is logging onto Google for learning, watching movies, listening to music, shopping, ordering food, DIY videos to learn cooking, and so much more…


2.3 million searches happen on Google in 1 second and half of that come from Mobile devices. This makes Google the largest and most popular search engine occupying over 70% of the global search engine pie. When your customers are looking for products like yours on Google, and you are not there; someone else will take away that business from you.

More than 97% of Google revenue comes from Advertising which means Adwords is doing great and is picked up by many businesses and advertisers. AdWords is a successful pay-per-click (PPC) advertising platform by Google and it works best for almost any type of business.

Read ahead to find out the 10 reasons you should be using Google Adwords for effective advertising:

Reach your customer: When someone is searching on Google, chances are that they are looking for the product or service at that very moment. This makes an excellent opportunity for businesses to display advertisement when people are actively looking for the service/product.

Spontaneous: In the age of click – order – pay – deliver; you need to opt for the advertising that brings you faster results. AdWords proves to be a great workaround for new businesses as they don’t have to wait long to see results.

Since it delivers instant results, you can test a list of keywords and set of audiences and see if it works or not without waiting for a long time and then tweak.

Measurable: The reason that you can easily measure results achieved through Pay Per Click is what makes it unique and incomparable. You must know what’s working and fetching better results.


Google AdWords gives you a lot of options to track and measure all your campaigns on one dashboard. AdWords has an easy setup to track and report on your Return on Investment making it more transparent.

You get to know exactly what keywords and ads are generating leads and driving sales so that you can increase your budget accordingly and maximise your ROI. You can also measure the Traffic coming to your Website and the numbers that tell you all about sales and conversions.

Reach your local customers: Google AdWords allows you to choose geographical targeting that ensure your ads are displayed in the location you choose. This feature proves very useful if you operate in a limited geographic area, giving you the freedom to display ads to prospective customers Limited to that location

Ad extensions:  Ad extensions help businesses to go one step ahead with displaying ads as they give you an option to include your phone number, contact address, website link, etc. in the ad. These details are displayed just below your ad in blue colour. This gives an added advantage to you as your customers can connect with you from that ad – call you from that link or take the address and reach your outlet.

By including more contact information in your ads, ad extensions make it way easier for your potential customer to connect with you.


AdWords Is Flexible: With AdWords you can customise your campaigns and ads as per your needs. You can easily narrow your target audience by location, language, browser, time of the day or device type and more. A good portion of your SEO traffic may not be very useful to you (for example, if you only need Australia based leads, and half your web traffic comes from US, then that traffic is of no value to you), but in AdWords, you don’t have to display your ads to people outside your target location.

The flexibility to utilise Adwords campaign according to your business needs makes it worthwhile and cost effective.

Set your budget: What’s more… you don’t have to spend any minimum or maximum budget for displaying your ads. You have full control over how much money you want to spend in advertising.

You can fix the amount of money you’d like to spend each month and adjust the budget based on the performance graph. If your ads are doing well, you can even increase the ad spend to increase the results. Similarly; if a specific ad is not responding well then you can decrease the budget or even stop the ad and minimise your loss.


Running multiple campaigns: You don’t have to wait for one ad campaign to finish to start another one. With Google Adwords you can run different ad campaigns with different marketing objectives simultaneously.

Let’s suppose you need to run an ad campaign for the winter wear collection when your off-season sale advertisements are already running, you can easily run and manage both type of ads.

One Ad campaign will target the customer looking to buy latest winter fashion and the other ad campaign will target customers looking to buy the spring/summer collection at discounted price. Since both ads are focused on different line of clothes, people with different buying objectives click the specific ads to land on separate pages/sections on the website.

You Only Pay For Clicks: Adwords not only gives you control over your budget but also consumes your money wisely. Google Adwords is built on pay per click advertising, that means you only spend when your advertisement is clicked by your potential customer.

Professional Adwords Management ensures your campaign is set up correctly, incorporating relevant keywords, then the clicks you will pay for will only be investment on prospective customers.

Remarketing Helps Reach Visitors: Remarketing tool helps in marketing your product/brand to people who’ve already come in contact with your brand. Either they have visited your site, saw an ad, clicked on a PPC ad, or filled out a form on your site; you can still try and sell to such prospective customers. By marketing to customers already in the buying cycle and since these tools are not very expensive, you can create some incredible ROI.

Google AdWords remarketing is a form of online advertising that enables sites to show targeted ads to users who have already visited their site. Past visitors will see these ads while browsing the web, watching YouTube videos or reading news sites and more…

The objective is to keep your brand in front of your target market and motivate them to come back to your website when they are ready to buy.

Now you can easily utilise Google Adwords for an effective marketing of your business.

Google Adwords is the best way to advertise to reach your prospective customer, drive traffic to your business, and ultimately increase sales.

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