Did You Spy on Your Competitors Before Launching Your Ad Campaigns?

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A lot goes into the making of a successful campaign.

Keyword analysis, audience research, a good bidding strategy, a killer ad copy, a well-optimised landing page and smart budgeting.

Aren’t we missing out on something, here?

Yes, we are. It’s competitive research.

Amongst numerous aspects that play a vital role in determining the success of PPC campaigns, competitive research gets easily overlooked.

The fact is competitive analysis can be a good place to start with if you are new to PPC.

Keep an eye on your competitors to fail-proof your ads

It’s not just PPC, but before starting anything new in your life, be it a sport or dance training, you would naturally first watch some relevant videos online, read a few articles or blogs about it and then talk with a few friends who are already involved with that activity.

What you basically try to do before starting anything is research. You look for practices and strategies other people are using to succeed.

So, when it comes PPC, you do the same.

There are a lot of people looking for products/services (similar to what you’re selling) to solve their everyday problems. The top industry retailers would already have figured out a suitable solution that works for customers’ problems after making hundreds of mistakes and incurring several failed attempts.

By researching your competitors, you can determine strategies and techniques that work in the industry and make informed decisions around your own ad campaigns.

Here’s more on how you can benefit from competitive research.

Find new keywords for your campaign

Usually, when you start building out a PPC ad campaign, you will use a keyword research tool like Google Keyword Planner, MOZ or KWFinder. These tools allow you to find hundreds of initial keywords to start your ad campaigns.

With PPC competitive keyword research, you can find out what keywords your competitors are bidding on so you can add their most profitable terms to your ad campaigns. SpyFu, iSpionage, BuzzSumo, SEM Rush and KeywordSpy are some commonly used competitive keyword research tools.

These tools allow you to search competitor keywords by URL or keyword. Using a competitive keyword research tool, you can not only identify trending keywords but analyse the performance and profitability of their ad campaigns. This way you can figure out PPC mistakes your competitors have made and avoid them in your ad campaigns.

Optimise your ad copy for greater impact

Another significant benefit of spying on your competitors is that it enables you to get more creative with your ad copy and differentiate it from your competitors themselves.

Let us explain how.

Your quality score affects the position of your ad on search engines and the cost you pay per click. And your quality score largely depends on your CTR. This means, the higher your CTR, the better your quality score. Thus, your ad position goes up and your CPC drops down.

In a nutshell, a lot of your PPC success depends on how well your ad copy is.

So, how can you get your ad copy to encourage people to click through to you site?

Knowing what ads your ad copy is competing against can play a major role in creating a copy that gets maximum clicks.

Does your competitor use extensions in their ad copy? You can find a way to incorporate extensions in your ads to make them impactful. Do they mention service price in their ad? Because if you offer the same service at lower prices, you can convince people to click through your ad.

Now, there are two ways to study your competitors’ ad copy. You can either use an optimal PPC competitive research tool which allows you to determine the competitor’s most profitable ads or you can simply proceed with manual research on Google with a keyword you’re bidding on and analyse the copy of ads that show up.

By figuring out what ad copy is working and why certain ad copy isn’t working for your competitors, you would be able to create your own version of captivating ad copy that is likely to get clicked.

Fine-tune your landing page

With countless competitors out there, it is likely that your potential customers will visit several websites before they decide if they should end their search and buy from you.

This means you are not just going to have to create a good landing page experience, but you have to deliver a better landing page experience than all your competitors in order for your visitors to convert. To optimise your landing page for a better experience, it is inevitable to determine what type of landing pages your competitors use to engage visitors.

By using an effective competitive research tool like iSpionage, you can not only assess the keywords your competitor is targeting through their landing page, but also get a detailed insight of changes they make to their landing page. You can even enable “instant alerts” to get notified whenever the competitor makes changes to their landing page.

In addition, you can take a peek into their A/B test results. The conversion rate optimisation (CRO) tool of iSpyonage help you analyse different elements of the competitor’s landing page and study the ups and downs in conversion rate due to changes made to the page.

No to mention, you can compare multiple competitors simultaneously to spot the ones with the most effective landing page designs.

The Takeaway

Paid competitive research is inevitable when you are starting your first PPC campaign. Not only do competitive analytics provide an idea of how to align varied metrics including keywords, ad copy, landing page and more in your ad campaign but they also familiarise you with mistakes or things you can avoid in your campaign to make the most of your money and time.

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