How can Digital Marketing help you transform your business?

The different channels of Digital Media have a specific approach and hence each channel is useful in targeting specific type of audience.

Do you own a business?

Is your competition outdoing you with Digital Marketing?

Are you planning to integrate digital media in your marketing strategy, but not sure where to start?

As an agency, we have businesses large and small come to us and ask questions on Digital Marketing and how they can benefit from it.

Let us begin with defining Digital Marketing first and how is it different from Traditional Marketing.

Digital Marketing is advertising or marketing through digital channels like social media, email, mobile apps, website and search engines.

The different channels of Digital Media have a specific approach and hence each channel is useful in targeting specific type of audience.

Content Marketing – Creating and sharing of valuable and useful content designed for a specific target audience not necessarily to promote a brand or business but could also aim at attracting and engaging the targeted audience.

Website – A website is your business’ online identity that clearly showcases your products or defines your services. Through a website, people talk about their brand, company, objectives and more.

Social Media – Networking and blogging sites that enable users to share text, image, audio and video based content with others. Social Media began as a tool for users to interact with their friends and family, and gradually businesses found it a good medium to interact with their customers.

Email Marketing – Marketing through sending emails to a group of people who are your targeted customers or probable customers to promote your brand, sharing information on discounts and much more. Sending emailers to clients is a good way to stay connected with your customers without interfering.

Search Engine Marketing – It is a technique of bringing more and quality traffic to your website organically through search engines.

Most of the channels of Digital Marketing are correlated and they give better results when your marketing strategy includes all of them.

The Hitch with Traditional marketing

Traditional marketing means advertising through Radio, Television and Print media.

Traditional is

  • Heavy on budget – Advertising through Radio and Print can be very expensive.
  • Secondly, these mediums only inform. Conversations cannot happen through these mediums.
  • Lastly, the results of the ad campaign cannot be measured easily.

Not sure of how Digital can help you grow your business, continue reading.

Follow your customers

If your heart lies in your business then your customers should be the heartbeat. Across industries customers are the foundation of business’ success. Virtually most of us are living online these days spending a lot of time on internet throughout the day.


The first reason for businesses to get online is its vast REACH.
The statistics show that more than 3 billion of world’s population is online.
People are spending more time on internet consuming content to learn, to explore new things, to listen to music or watch movie, to do business, to make friends, to make purchases and so much more.

In Australia, there are around 13.5 million internet subscribers as per Australian Bureau of Statistics 2017 report and an average internet user spends more than 10 hours online.
Around 50% of Australians, i.e. 9 million are using social media at least once a day and these users have around 409 friends or contacts across all their social media networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Google+).
As you can see from the time of day, most people are accessing social media the very first thing in the morning and straight after work.

Facebook alone has more than 2 billion active monthly users which means a lot of daily visitors that could be tapped. Hence, more than 60 million businesses have a Facebook Page where they successfully engage with over 32% of users regularly.

Precise targeting

As a business owner or a marketer, you can choose to think that everyone online is your potential customer or you can smartly focus on a group that can be your probable customer.

When you market to a specific target audience you will find that you can save a lot of money and resources in avoiding wrong audience (people who have no interest in your products or services).
Many marketers advertise to a specific target group and have concluded that it is very efficient and cost effective. There are many tools available that enable you to precisely choose your target group that could be your prospective customer.
For example – If you want to market fruit juice then people between the age group of 15-50 with interests in Health and Fitness, are your potential customers.
With so many people online, your potential customers are sure to be here.

It is essential to know your customers, understand their profile, their demographics etc. which can help you design your content and strategy. Take out time to create some customer profiles – age, interests, hobbies. Accordingly, one can devise strategy for the right audience.

For example – If you are selling baby products then you must craft your content and design keeping the targeted audience i.e. pregnant women and new mothers in mind.

Engaging the audience

Everyone has a story to tell or something to sell.
Make sure you know your customers well so that you target them accordingly.
You understand how customer is of prime importance to you and your business. Let your brand communication show how special they are and their opinion matters and see how things start happening in your favour.

Customers feel that you are only interested in making more money by selling more so they do not easily become loyal customers. In digital world, you get the opportunity of getting close to your customers, and to be able to deliver the best it is very important for businesses to understand their customer.
Can you just advertise your product or service once and keep quiet? Does that suffice your business needs forever?
In Digital Marketing, you can’t display few good-looking ads, or post an update of your new product and wait.
Marketing is always a continuous process; especially in digital marketing one needs to build strategy across all channels wisely to reap benefits.

After acquiring a customer, engage with them and then retain the customer by nurturing the relationship.

Social media is free and easy to access hence anyone can post/publish their opinion online. When you are in business you may not always receive positive feedback from your customers. The responsive medium will not only help you in attracting your target audience through engaging posts but if you strike the right chord, then it helps in conversion too. Such customers would want to know more about the brand and hence improving the chances of them becoming your loyal customers.
When a customer picks your brand against your competition, they must be acknowledged.

Listen to your customers. A satisfied customer shares their experience with peers and generates more business for you.
Bad news always spreads like fire and on digital medium it spreads like fire in a petrol tank.

Brands always fear negative publicity as it takes years to build a brand image but it only takes a moment to destroy that image. Since voicing your opinion is easy with Digital Marketing, customers share their feedback openly on discussion forums, social sites, etc.
The right marketing tactic to handle a negative comment from spreading is to identify the negative comment, swiftly respond to the user by offering apologies for their unpleasant experience and showing them that you are genuinely interested in rectifying your mistakes. You can also offer freebies/discounts to entice them to give your business another chance.
If you own a business, you must listen to and keep a record of what your customers say about your product, service and after sales service. Identify and analyse the common voice. The conclusion you draw from the common voices can help you make the necessary changes to deliver better service to your customers.

This should be a constant exercise of your marketing team to record the comments and feedback of customers, respond to queries and issues actively without much lapse. Though it is quite a tedious task to address user’s concerns pertaining to your service quickly but is important. When a customer has experienced your service and is not satisfied, it becomes your responsibility to understand the problem area and make necessary changes.

You have won your customer already if you heard them and took necessary measures to fix the issues. Not to mention, a happy customer always becomes your brand ambassador.


Digital Marketing gives you ample of options according to the type of content you want to market or in a way you want to reach out to your audience.

You can have Images based content through Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook or Text based content through Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp. You may find content marketing useful which could be done through Blogs or Email marketing and advertisements such as display ads, search ads, In-app ads and many more.

Since the medium is innovative, hence businesses have many options to reach out to their audience in the most creative way to engage. Your audience can choose how they want to receive your content. While one person likes to read a blog post, another person likes to watch a YouTube video. Traditional marketing doesn’t give the audience that choice.
For example – Most people hate receiving sales flyers in their mailbox or getting phone calls at inconvenient times on stuff that they have little interest in.
With Online media, people get the choice to opt in or out of communication and often it is relevant because they were the ones searching for it in the first place. One cannot underestimate the power of market segmentation and tailored marketing.

Specific call to action

Your prospective customer has reached your website or brand page on a social site, now what do you want them to do. They like your services as well, now what? They would want to connect with you.
If the customer cannot find a way to reach you easily, they will leave the site. Probably very quickly.
Unlike traditional media, digital medium lets you give your customers the direction to take the next step – known as call to action. What do people do after going through your ad or post, do you want them to fill form, make a purchase, share it in network, or download something, etc.

It also gives businesses a chance of making customers do what they want them to do. If you want them to fill a contact form; share with friends, visit website for more details, or call now then simply share specific call to action buttons.
Specific call to action options helps wandering customers take an appropriate step on your website or social site and helps in delivering a best-in-class customer experience.
Call to action widgets and buttons help in conversion.

Cost effective

Have you ever thought what kind of cost is involved in advertising during prime time tv show or on the front page of a newspaper or magazine? Advertising in Traditional media costs a lot more than advertising on digital media.
Digital marketing is a cheaper and effective option of advertising as compared to costly advertising channels such as television, radio, newspaper and yellow pages.

Moreover, with traditional media by advertising on one medium, you can only cater to one type of audience. Compared to digital media, same content can be tweaked and shared on more than one channel.
Also, traditional marketing channels do not give you much freedom in sharing the content with other channels, meaning that to reach more people you need to frequently advertise. In social media people also share the content organically when they like something and hence it reaches a larger number of people without costing you more.


Someone has rightly said ‘what you cannot measure, you cannot improve’.
Marketing people share the circulation figures of newspapers but you cannot be sure of how many people read the newspaper and out of that how many readers paid attention to your advertisement.

Digital media is cost effective as it gives you the exact detail of how many visitors came on your website through social media, average time they spent on your website, how many people engaged and reacted to your content and so on.

You can easily track the money spent on ads on social and online media either through Pay Per Click advertising (like Google Adwords & Bing Ads), Facebook Ads, Search Ads, banner advertising, ETC. If you are not there to feed them with your brand content and service them then your competition is there.
Digital Media is just a simple story with a complex heading. It’s easy and fast.
Small and medium businesses that have less money to put in advertising find it most efficient in achieving their marketing and business goals through online media.

Faster results

In digital world news spread faster. People enjoy sharing the content they like with their friends and family.
An author waits for months after the book is released in the market but these days if you write a good piece of content and share it with your online network then you get instant feedback. In online media, people are very spontaneous in giving their opinion as soon as they read it and you get the feedback instantly.
One can see real time results. Just define a budget, advertise and you can see the numbers change. One can easily see the increase in number of responses, number of visitors to your site and its subscribers increase, peak trading times, conversion rates and much more at the touch of a button.
Let’s say for an instance you are announcing an end of financial year sale at your physical outlet and users need to download a coupon from your website and show it at the store to avail the offer. Here you can measure the success of the campaign by counting number of unique visitors on your website and number of downloads of the coupon.
The speed with which Digital delivers the results is unbeatable and that’s the reason why tech–savvy generation today loves it even more.

Technology has simplified our lives so much that we all want things fast. High speed internet in the palms of customers, has given them a lot of power to read, compare and anlayse everything they consume. Backed up by smartphones, customers are smarter than before. Pushy marketing doesn’t work anymore with such audience.

One cannot survive for long in business if digital marketing is missing from their marketing mix.
Eventually all big and small businesses have come to realise the importance of digital media and have transformed their marketing mantras likewise, especially small and medium size businesses have found online marketing very helpful.
The bottom line is, the digital age is here, and those businesses that fail to adapt to the new marketing climate are at a greater risk of going extinct sooner rather than later.

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