How to Increase Your Facebook Ad CTR: A Simple and Effective Guide

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The population on Facebook is huge with over 2.2 billion active daily users. With so many people present in one place, Facebook provides a huge opportunity for businesses to reach out and connect with potential customers.

Unfortunately, advertising on Facebook is not easy as it once was. Facebook changed their algorithm in January in a significant way. The new algorithm update was released to allow user to see more personal content and less public content in their feeds.

This is exactly why advertising on Facebook has become more challenging than ever.

If you want to reach your target audience, you will have to implement paid ads. However, spending money on ads alone doesn’t guarantee success. When you run Facebook ads, you need to keep a track of how well your ads are doing and make changes to yield best results possible.

Facebook Ad CTR

Though ROI is the most important aspect to find how well your campaigns are doing, it takes times. That’s why more people are inclined to use Click Through Rate (CTR) for their ads as it is an easy way to compare your ads with some initial information available.

A study shows that average CTR for Facebook ad across all industries is 0.90%.

Before getting into the step by step guide to improve Facebook ad CTR, first let’s learn how CTR is calculated.

CTR is the ratio of the number of times an ad or page is clicked to the number of times the ad has been viewed (impressions).

           (Facebook CTR= TOTAL CLICKS/TOTAL IMPRESSIONS *100)

Now that you have gained knowledge of CTR, let’s learn effective ways to improve your Facebook CTR. This simple and effective guide will introduce you to techniques that will help you boost your advertising efforts as well as your CTR while bringing your costs down significantly.

So, without wasting much time, let’s take you into the detailed step-by-step guide.

Step1: Choose the right target audience

The first step is to choose the right audience for your ad. Here’s how you can choose the right audience to target your ads on Facebook:

Geographically – Set the location accurately. If you want people living in Sydney, Australia to see your ads, there is no need to target the whole of NSW or Australia. Be specific about the audience you want to target.

Age & Gender: Keeping in mind what age groups your products are designed or suitable for, select the age and gender of your target audience.

Detailed Targeting:  Choose from various categories segmented by demographics, interests and behaviours to target the ideal audience for your campaign.

Placement: Though you have multiple placement options to choose from, it is better to set your ads to appear in newsfeeds and desktop devices.

Step2: Enhance the look and feel of your ad

After choosing your target audience, you need to make sure that your audience clicks on your ads. For this, you will need to write down an engaging ad copy and design your ad in a way that persuade people to click it. After all, people largely consider things that are visually appealing to their eyes.

In order to beautify your Facebook advert’s look to be noticed and clicked by people, you need to focus on:

The Headline: A headline is the foremost thing a viewer notices about your ad and sometimes may be the only text they would read. Make it clear and crisp.

Body Text:  It’s your chance to highlight your selling point. Use the space effectively to display content that is useful to your audience.

Image: “A picture is worth a thousand words” – even if your content is not so effective, the image in your ad can make a difference. But be sure to use an image that is relevant to your ad and makes sense to your viewers.

CTA: Enticing the user isn’t enough. Tell them what you want them to do after they click on you ad. Besides using common CTAs like call now, contact us today, shop now and sign up, it won’t harm to add a bit of emotional appeal to your CTAs. Because click rate of emotional appeal is always greater than general appeal.

Step3: Place right offer

Ultimately, you need to convince your prospects to click on your advertisement. You might have found the right target audience, improved your ad’s look and content but if the offer isn’t appealing no one will click on your ad. Be clear while placing the right offer for your target audience.

– Generate Leads: Clearly state the end benefit of your product along with the clear CTA inside the ad images.

– Page likes: You have seen ad pages that state, “like our page for the latest news” “like our page to know about exciting deals on products”. This is done by advertisers to increase their page likes and improving organic reach of your social media posts.

Step4: Split Testing

This is the final step in improving your CTR.

In order to inspect your ad performance, you will need to split test or A/B test your Facebook ads. The method is used to find out what works best for your advertising campaigns and what’s doesn’t. Using a split test, you need to assess the factors mentioned above.

Audience: Monitor the performance of your ads amongst your target audiences. Make improvements as required.

Ad Copy: In order to split test ad copy, you need to check everything from headlines to image and CTA text, to see which option gives best results amongst all.

Ad Offer: If you don’t get expected clicks even by placing the right ad copy, image and everything, try analysing between different offers/ products behind your ad. This will help you know the difference between the two and where you are lacking.


Facebook CTR is deemed as one of the most crucial performance metrics in the industry. The higher your CTR, the better will be the ad performance. By following the above steps, you can increase engagement and click rate on your Facebook ads.

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