How to use Pay per Click Advertising Effectively to Grow Your Business

Are you not getting enough visitors on your website?

Are you a new starter in terms of advertising online?

To get faster results from advertising online, Pay Per Click is the best method to advertise.

What is Pay Per Click or PPC?

Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) is one of the most effective internet marketing models in your marketing arsenal. Pay Per Click in very simple terms means that money is only paid/spent when an advertisement is clicked.

We see PPC ads all day as majority of the businesses no matter big or small run PPC campaigns because of its cost effectiveness and delivers fast results.

Have you noticed the ads displayed on your browser page as sponsored links and ads showing when you log into your Facebook account. These ads are none other than PPC ads.

They appear with the goal of placing advertisers content in front of their online target market.

It is very important for the marketers to understand how PPC works and plan accordingly to meet their marketing objectives.

How does PPC work?

Lets’s assume there is a user who is looking for an answer for “Office Cleaning Sydney”. The user types their query on their web browser and find results.


While the user is going through the results for the answer to their query, the advertiser has an opportunity to connect with the user by bidding on those keywords used to search that query.

When the keywords of user matches with the keywords used by advertiser, the ads are displayed accordingly. This is a real time bidding to showcase your ad and get a chance of directing the traffic to your website.

Now, each time a user looks at an ad containing the similar keyword(s), it is called an Impression.

The ball is completely in the user’s court now…

When the user finds a potential answer to their query, they’ll be inclined to click on the link that directs them to the website they are looking for.

It is uncertain of what user might prefer – organic listing or paid listing. But in PPC, the Advertiser only pays when a user clicks on their ad and not for the impressions.

PPC advertising proves to be far more effective than traditional advertising.

Read further to find out why PPC is better than the other marketing channels.

Top 6 reasons why PPC can be most effective in promoting your business

PPC Advertising Mechanism

PPC is that form of internet marketing model wherein advertisers accrue costs when users click their ads. Search engine matches the keywords the advertisers bid on and to the search queries of users and predefined lists, hence the ads are displayed.

PPC is a perfect strategy, If your ad campaign goals include following:

  • Generating leads
  • Increasing sales
  • Promoting brand awareness

One of the most popular forms of PPC advertising is search engine advertising. It allows you to bid for ad placement in a search engine’s sponsored links at the time when someone searches on a keyword related to your business offering.

For instance, if you bid on the keyword “ dental services”, possibility is that your ad might appear on the very top position on the Google result page. The fee for devising PPC campaign is trivial, if your PPC campaign is working correctly, reason being user’s visit is worth more than what you pay for it.

If you pay $3 for a click and that click gets $300 sale for you, this simply shows that you have made a substantial profit.

Targeting specific audience

With the old methods of advertising, you were unsure if your advertising was effective enough to connect with the right people.
With PPC advertising, you know exactly who you are targeting and whether it’s working.

Google is the most popular place to advertise with a PPC campaign. Once you choose a variety of keywords, you will see your website appear as a sponsored result on the search page.

PPC campaigns can also be used on Facebook and have proven quite effective.

PPC is highly targeted and specific

Nothing can beat the flexibility you get from the Internet as it allows you to set your target market with laser sharp precision. You can easily choose your audience according to the customer segment you want to target.

You can select the age group, demographics and location of the audience who should see your ads.

Facebook PPC ads gives you ease of crafting a target audience by using their likes and dislikes.

With Google, you can use specific keywords so that people find interest in the products or services that you offer.

It allows you to control costs

Every start up and entrepreneur can make use of PPC advertising as it works with small budget as well.

Targeted PPC campaigns allows you to reach a specific group of niche segment that keep costs low.

It also allows you to set a strict budget, so your ad spend is controlled and doesn’t cross the limit you have specified.

The moment your PPC campaign hits its budget limit, the ads stop running.

Real value for money

The speciality of PPC campaign is that you are required to pay only when someone clicks on your link. This simply indicates that the user who clicks link and reaches your website is certainly a prospective real lead.

Advertisers find it satisfying when spending on money that is spent on bringing potential customers to their website. From that point, it’s about your product and how well you market it on your website.

PPC is informative

PPC advertising gives instant results. It clearly indicates what works and what doesn’t.

PPC advertising campaign allows you to test various advertising phrases and keywords. You can easily check which are the most effective keywords for your business.

Try testing advertising to different niches and check which keyword responds better to your product. The keywords that bring you result should be shared with the content and SEO team to use in their copy.

PPC advertising is a great tool that works as a real litmus test that gives you immediate quantitative feedback.

Popular PPC Networks

Google AdWords

AdWords is the largest and most popular pay per click platform that runs on Google, Search partner sites, and display network sites.

AdWords works on a pay-per-click model wherein users bid on keywords and pay a fee for each click on their advertisement. It depends on cookies and keywords determined by advertisers. Using these characteristics, Google places advertising copy on pages that are relevant according to it.

Advertisers are supposed to pay at the time when users divert their browsing to click on the ad copy. A portion of income generated here is received by partner websites also.

Bing Ads

Like AdWords, Bing Ads provide pay per click advertising platform that display ads on both the Bing and Yahoo networks. Bing ads work primarily on keyword based advertising and it also utilises search partners.

Pay Per Click Advertisement is indeed very appropriate for marketers and businesses but building an outstanding successful PPC campaign is not a child’s play.

If the PPC campaign is not implemented in the right way then it can become a costly affair. You need to be very precise in your research and while selecting the right keywords.

The list of keywords are then added to well organised ad groups and campaigns followed by setting up the PPC landing pages that are optimised for conversions.

If your landing pages and ads are useful and makes sense to the users, Google will charge you less money per click. This will eventually lead to higher profit generation for your business.

PPC revolves around the game of relevancy.

With users actively searching for specific products, services and information, advertisers are supposed to show a targeted advertisement the very moment this search is taking place. For instance, if someone searches for “black sports shoes”, advertiser must show an ad matching to “black sports shoes”.

Advertisers for whom relevance is paramount run successful PPC campaigns through both targeting settings and account structure.

Google Shopping

Especially for eCommerce stores, Google Shopping can actually be the most effective digital advertising platform. With Google Shopping campaigns, you reach the shoppers who are seriously interested in buying what you are selling.

Through Google Shopping campaign, you can easily promote your inventory (online and local), boost traffic to your website and find useful leads.

To create a shopping campaign, you need to setup an account on Google Merchant Centre, create a data feed from your website and upload it on the Merchant center. Once your feed is approved, You can link your Google adwords account with the Google Merchant Center.

How does it work

Google shopping shows your ad on Google Search, Images, YouTube, and more. Shopping ads are better than normal ads as they display products, a title, price, store name and more.

When users are browsing for something, the ads appear along with Google Search results.

Shopping ads also work like PPC ads, advertisers only pay when a user clicks the ad.

What are you waiting for?

The concept of PPC appeals to businesses because it’s an advertising solution that is transparent, where advertiser can actually see what they are paying for.

PPC Ads boost your business faster and in a cost-effective way. Get the help of experts who can help you achieve maximum results from PPC advertising.

PPC expert will help you maximise your reach and potential. Professionals in a proper PPC advertising agency constantly research your audience in detail to show your ads to the right people. They also work hard to make sure that there is no wastage in terms of money spent on the wrong keywords or the audience. PPC ads are nothing but unobtrusive advertising tactic wherein advertisements appear while you go about your regular internet browsing.

If you have any more questions on how can PPC prove effective for your business, connect with us now.

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