The New Advertiser’s Guide Part I: Important Decisions You Will Need to Make When Advertising on Facebook

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With hundreds of millions daily active users, you can’t go wrong with Facebook advertising.

Over recent years, Facebook has emerged into an effective advertising platform providing business owners a huge spectrum of features to reach new audiences, generate leads and revenue.

For a novice advertiser, however, the overwhelming array of choices that the platform offers, can easily confuse them where to start and what to pick.

To ease this confusion, we have detailed a few important decisions new advertisers have to make when getting started with Facebook advertising.

Get a Bigger Picture of Facebook Advertising Policies

Before you get started with Facebook advertising, it is inevitable to get acquainted with the rules and guidelines set by Facebook for new advertisers to fully understand what type of content or ads are allowed.

Facebook Advertising Policies

Before your advert appears on the platform, Facebook reviews the content of the ad and the targeted landing page to make sure it complies with their advertising policies. That said, knowing the underlying advertising guidelines will help you not only create fully-complaint adverts that easily get approved but also save you time, effort and money.

Here’s a quick rundown on the type of content is unacceptable or prohibited in Facebook advertising;

  • Breaches the platform’s Community Standards (a set of guidelines outlining what’s acceptable and what’s unacceptable on Facebook).
  • Constitutes of content that promotes use or sale of illegal, unsafe or inappropriate products services. This may include tobacco, drugs, illegal prescriptions, unsafe supplements, explosives, ammunition etc.
  • Contains content that make statements or opinions about an individual’s race, age, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, gender identity, medical condition or disability, criminal history or financial status.
  • Features adult content including nudity, representations of sexually provocative positions or activities. Marketing of adult or sexually explicit products or services is also prohibited unless they concern contraception or family planning. Adverts prompting contraceptives should only focus on the feature of the product and must not make any assertions about sexual pleasure or enhancement.
  • Includes content that could be deemed disrespectful, politically and socially controversial or extremely violent. Adverts with false offers, deceptive claims or misleading business practices are also unacceptable.
  • Directs to non-functional landing pages.
  • Contains grammatical errors, profanity, inappropriate use of punctuation, symbols and numbers.

What do you want to achieve through advertising?

Every business owner to looking at Facebook advertising must set up a goal. You might simply want more people to visit your website and that’s it. Or you wish to encourage visitors to your website to convert and generate revenue for your business.

Defining your advertising objective (that is what you want people to do when they see your ads) beforehand will help you choose the right type of Facebook Ad format for your campaign.

Facebook Ad format

Facebook segregates a variety of advertising goals under three main categories:


Generate awareness amongst your audience of the existence of your business.

There are two advertising options in this category:

  • Brand Awareness:

This campaign type allows you to target people who are more likely to take interest in your ads.

Brand Awareness

When to choose this option: When you simply want the user to pay attention to your promotion and not necessarily engage with your content or take any action. This ad type is suited to established businesses that are running large scale campaigns solely focused on branding. Smaller businesses with tight budgets might be better off with with other campaigns types.

  • Reach:

Get your advert noticed or seen by maximum number of people within your targeted audience and advertising budget.


When to choose this option: When you want to reach as many people as possible with your adverts over a brief period. This option can be helpful when you want to remarket or promote limited-time offers.


Generate interest around your brand and get people to want to know more about your business.

Here are the six options you can choose from to meet this objective;

  • Traffic

Use this option when you want Facebook users to visit your website, blog or app. The ads with this objective will appear to people who are most likely to click on your advert based on their past behaviours.


When to choose this option: Use traffic ad type when you want to direct your Facebook traffic to your website or want users to read a blog, check out your podcast or app instead of taking a specific action such as subscribe to your newsletter or sign up.

  • App installs

Encourage engagement around your app and generate new users by directing people to app store where they can download your app. These ads feature the main purpose and functionality of the app rather than displaying specific features.

App installs

When to choose this option: when you want more people to download and use your app in order to improve your app store ranking.

  • Engagement

To expand the reach of your posts and boost user engagement around the posts.


When to choose this option: When you want your posts to reach more of your Facebook audience and drive more likes, reactions, comments and shares.

  • Video views

Promote videos of product launches, customer stories and testimonials to raise awareness around your brand.

Video views

When to choose this option: When you have a great video that can help catch as much attention of the targeted audience as possible.

  • Lead generation

The objective involves generating leads on Facebook through a form designed to collect user information such as name, email address and contact number without having to direct the user to your website.

Lead Generation

When to choose this option: Use this option to get information of people who may be interested in your business.

  • Messages

Optimise your ads to start conversation with users through your Facebook page.


When to choose this option: This option can be helpful when you want to generate more leads, sales, brand awareness or offer support to your audiences, resolve their queries and doubts.


Persuade interested people to purchase your products or services.

There are three options to choose from:

  • Conversions

Boost conversion on your website, Facebook page or mobile app.


When to choose this option: when you want the Facebook user to visit your website and take some action like purchase a product, download a guide or sign up for your newsletter.

  • Catalog Sales

Automatically show products from your product catalogue to the most interested people within your target audience.

When to choose this option: When you promote products from your wide range of assortment or you want to remarket to your online store visitors.

Catalog Sales

  • Store Visits

Target your audiences based on their proximity to your physical store.

Store Visits

When to choose this option: When your business operates at multiple physical locations and you wish to promote your products or services to the people closest to your business.

Wrapping up

Besides advertising objectives, there are some other crucial decisions a new advertiser needs to make including choosing the ad format, choosing the right audience, choosing between varied ad placement options. However, defining your advertising objective is the key as your goals will affect all other decisions you will make when launching your Facebook ad campaign.

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