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Customers are at the heart of any business. Whether you want more traffic to land on your website, create engaging content or boost sales, knowing your customers play a key role in achieving your business goals. The better you understand your customers, the better you can optimise their experience. The potential rewards of knowing your customers are great – you can increase customer loyalty and bring in more business by providing seamless customer service.

The difference between success and failure of your business is how well you understand who your customers are and what they want. Many marketing strategies fail because they do not align with the target customers’ needs. Knowing your customers gives you valuable insights into promising ideas you should invest in for increased revenue and growth.

Listed below are effective tactics you can implement to understand your customers better.


To know your customers and their needs, it is important to put yourself in their shoes. Assess the mediums that customers use to engage with your business. These channels of customer engagement including phone calls, messenger, website chat tool and visits are an effective means of gathering customer insight.

Regardless of the channel used for customer-business engagement, the data you get from interacting with your customers, if analysed wisely, can help you understand them better. Work with your customer service team to identify specific patterns, likes & dislikes, needs and pain points and challenges of customers and use the insights you generate to inform your action.

When it comes to customer engagement, small businesses can even consider offering a personalised service. It is a good idea to set up a customer contact program to make sure your keep in touch with your customers. You can get individual high value customers on the phone every once in a while, and ask about how they like your product or service. You can conduct a quick survey encouraging them to share their experience, opinions and thoughts about your brand. Well-developed surveys can tell you things you do not know about business, like your staff behaviour.

As you gain an in-depth understanding of what customers like about your product/service or what disappoints them, you would be able to optimise your business operations and customer service to meet customer expectations.


Building buyer personas by just using demographic details like age, profession and location is not enough to create campaigns that can resonate with your customers on an emotional level and can capture their interest for longer. You need to dig deeper into customer preferences – one way to do that is determining which social media channels, professional forums and industry blogs your website traffic coming from through the Acquisitions section of Google Analytics. This data can be added to buyer personas to know where and when to reach your audience to drive maximum engagement.

Next, you can do keyword analysis to find out specific terms and phrases that certain buyer personas use to describe your services. Google Webmaster Tools can be helpful in discovering common keywords that drive people to your website. Once you have those keywords, you can identify customer segments that share similar characteristics based on your keyword searches.


From clicking on an ad link to browsing through your web pages, every customer action tells something about their behaviour. Tools like Google Analytics can give you valuable insight into customer behaviour which can be used to determine what your customers like, what they do not like and how they interact with your website. All this data can then be used to make necessary changes to your website to deliver a seamless user experience.

For example, if most users have trouble navigating to a certain page of your website, you can adjust the website design for users to easily access that page. If users spend more time on a certain web page than others, you can assess the page’s content to figure out what is retaining users’ attention and keeping them engaged. This will help with your content strategy, allowing you to focus on topics that address your customers’ challenges or queries.

Similarly, pages with high bounce rates can be analysed to figure out what is encouraging people to leave and be fixed for higher user engagement.


When performed strategically, these techniques will inspire your customer engagement efforts and marketing outcomes. With comprehensive research and the use of effective data analytics tools, you can understand your customers in more depth and make informed business strategies.

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