Understanding the Digital Dynamics in Australia

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When it comes to digital marketing proficiency, Australian businesses are leading the pack in Asia Pacific region. Early adopters in Australia have successfully digitised their e-commerce websites and delivery processes to increase value of digital marketing to their organisations. They understand that transforming business digitally is a complex task, but if done right, the rewards are great. Australia’s marketers are predicting that Digital Landscape in Australia is significantly going to outperform TV, Newspapers, Radio and Magazines in upcoming years.

Research indicates that an average Australian devotes a substantial part of their day on an internet enabled device every day. This has resulted in an increase of about 20% in Australia’s online advertising spend. Australian Online advertising is predicted to become an $10b industry in next two years. Over 14 million Australians are already active on social media platforms like Facebook and are spending over 2 hours on it every day. About 35% Australians are sharing products or companies that they find fascinating, with their friends on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Opinions of digital marketing leaders in Australia is changing and pushing the boundaries of e-commerce to fetch huge amount of profits in their businesses.

Consumers will prefer shopping online only if it is more convenient than heading to the stores. Marketers in Australia have placed digital marketing channels in the core of their business strategy and are successfully achieving revenue growth through digital medium. Marketers in Europe and Australia have already achieved this value proposition long ago and so, Australia is progressing significantly in this direction too.

Studies indicate that the top 3 digital priorities for marketers in Australia are as follows:

  • About 68% of the digital marketing priority is to strengthen the digital marketing content.
  • About 51% of the digital marketing priority is to establish richer, deeper customer profiling and insights.
  • About half of the weightage is assigned to Social media optimisation which includes boosting community engagement, growth and content.

About 72% of marketers in Australia allocate their digital marketing funds in website content development, and performance optimisation. Secondly, 70% of the Australian marketers said they attribute their digital marketing funds for Search Engine Optimisation. Third most important part of their digital marketing spend goes to paid search i.e. about 61% said that they spend most in paid search to boost their website’s visibility in Search Engines.

Marketers in Australia have understood the fact that to make your website reach on top of the search engine’s result page, you must find the best digital marketing agency for your business. These digital marketing agencies will enhance the visibility of your website and generate organic traffic to a significant level. A reputed digital marketing agency will offer a wide range of services that can be customised as per your requirements.

Some of the salient benefits that can be derived from these digital marketing firms are:

  • Digital marketing services that these firms offer include SEO services, SMO services, PPC, ORM (Online Reputation Management services) and a lot more.
  • They conduct various tried and tested campaigns and techniques that help in reaching your target audience in a lucrative approach.
  • Resultantly, they will help you fetch the benefits of increased ROI, and greater revenues.

Digital Marketing techniques make it easier for users to get driven towards your business. All the above-mentioned techniques will increase your site’s online presence drastically and help you to capture a larger group of audience.

Benefits of Digital Marketing

If you are still wondering about the probable benefits of Digital marketing, look no further.

➤ Measurable yet effective results

There is no better way to measure the number of people who looked at your billboard or those who looked at the flyer you put in place of recycling it. With the help of digital marketing tools, you can have access to solid, reliable reports that display the exact results of the number of people opened your email or visited a specific link and their interaction with your website.

➤ Real time results

The best part of usage of Digital Marketing strategies is that they give quick results. You don’t have to wait for months to seek boost to your business as if you would have to wait for some fax or form to be returned. To put it simply, at a touch of a button you can see the numbers of visitors visiting your site and its subscribers increase, conversion rates, peak trading times and much more.

➤ Reduced cost

With the growing need of digital marketing techniques businesses are replacing expensive traditional advertising channels like Yellow Pages, Magazines, Newspapers, Television etc. over digital marketing techniques.  Now you can develop your businesses’ online marketing strategy for a minimal cost. This will help you reduce significant advertising cost and you can allocate these funds for other productive uses.

➤ Flexibility

To compete with reputed large corporations, you need to offer customised services to your clients. This sort of customisation is simply not possible with traditional marketing, which is generic by its nature. Digital marketing offers complete customisation and enables you to use individual’s preferences and interests to personalize the marketing message they receive. Personalisation can easily be categorised as the biggest asset of digital marketing.

➤ Low barrier to entry

Digital marketing products are corporate budget friendly. This means they come in accessible packages so that small, medium and large enterprises can utilise these products to reach their target audiences. Unlike traditional marketing activities that come with a large price tag. As of course traditional advertising channels like Billboards, TV ads and commercials are undoubtedly not cheap.

➤ Larger Reach

Digital marketing covers huge spectrum of activities and since it takes place online, it has access to global audience. Unlike traditional marketing where you are limited to a geographical area. Thus, digital marketing empowers you to reach international audiences effectively.

➤ Easy Optimisation

Most prominent advantage of digital marketing is that offers extensive & flexible reporting. This means if you find something that is not working in your favour, it’s easy to pinpoint it and alter it. You can even apply various permutations and combinations to measure which one worked best for you, and select that strategy as the main tactic moving forward.

➤ Improved conversion rates

It’s easy to convert your customer online as it’s just a few clicks away. Now customers can click from your email to your website and make purchase or they can get to know about your organisation while sitting at home.  Instead of a customer having to drive down to a shop.

Some Interesting Stats showing Major trends in Digital Marketing

  • Recent surveys conducted to capture the latest trends in digital marketing reveals that 94% B2B marketers used social media content for promotion of their business. This makes it the most popular medium of content marketing among digital marketers.
  • Interestingly, Email came up as the most promising channel that has ability to deliver great ROI.
  • Top rated Digital channels used for improving customer communications by digital marketers include SEO (45%), Paid Search Marketing (AdWords)-34%, Email Marketing (51%), Social Media (Organic)-33%, Social Media (paid ads)-21%
  • Content marketing worked wonderfully in encouraging interaction with clients. B2C content marketing tactic usage include 92% of Social Media Content, 80% digital marketers used Blogs, 76% used Videos and 48% used Research Reports.
  • 93% of digital marketers used Social Media content in their B2B Content Marketing tactics. 80% used E-Newsletters, 74% used Videos and 45% included Infographics in their B2B Content Marketing Tactic.

Now that you are aware of the recent trends in Digital marketing, let’s look at the ways to manage digital marketing so that you can compete effectively in market.

  • Make a clearly defined digital marketing strategy first, this will help you to plan, manage and optimise digital channels effectively.
  • Assessment of Digital Marketing capabilities through introduction of digital transformation programme is also important.  You need to manage integration of digital activities by including digital transformation programme in your organisation. This will help you to check the progress of your digital initiatives regularly.
  • You need to invest in optimisation for maximising ROI. Surveys reveal that SEO and content marketing are the best digital marketing techniques when it comes to delivering results.

Digital marketing covers wide spectrum of benefits than simply capturing prospective clients. It enhances user experience, forms the foundation for reaching consumers on new devices and offers great insights to push marketing ROI. The digital evolution has shown a profound impact on buying behaviours of consumers. It has completely revolutionised the way goods and services are being bought. Thus, businesses are welcoming digital marketing initiatives and increasing their digital advertising spend to optimise their revenue. The growing digital focus is quite evident with the greater proportion of marketing budgets go to digital channels by marketers.